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Practice makes perfect, or close to perfect when typing, keep practicing with this typing software

Practice makes perfect, or close to perfect when typing, keep practicing with this typing software

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Program license: Free

Program by: TypingMaster

Version: 10.0

Works under: Windows


Program license

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Typing Master is a software tool that students can use to learn how to type using a computer keyboard. Students can learn how to type with accuracy, speed and precision while focusing on using their fingers to strike all the keys on the keyboard. Students can understand how to position their fingers on their keyboard and extend their fingers to hit each row of letters, special characters and digits.

The software has several features available. It has a virtual tutor that monitors how accurate students are with their typing. The tutor maintains statistics of words per minute, words missed and accuracy in each lesson. The tutor offers typing drills where students can assess their capability of typing certain characters in different rows, such as the "ASDF" characters in the middle row or the numbers in the top row. The virtual tutor can show students their difficult characters and help them to build their efficiency with those characters.

Typing Master offers three different types of courses. The first course teaches students where the keys are and how to type without looking at the keyboard. The second helps students build their speed. The third course focuses on the numbers in the top row and the number keypad.

The software offers typing tests that help students to practice their overall typing skills within all areas. The typing tests are timed, but students can finish them if they have accurate and fast typing skills. The tests are stories composed of a series of sentences and paragraphs that each focus on a particular character group, which helps students to learn how to move their fingers around the keyboard to hit each character.

There are a variety of games available that students can play to test their typing skills. In the games, students start out easy with simple keyboard characters but then advance toward challenging phrases until they finish or lose the game. Students can work to achieve a high score in each iteration of playing a game and practice their typing skills simultaneously.

Students can customize Typing Master to their satisfaction. They can create user accounts to store their username and typing statistics. They can also change the keyboard layout so that they can be comfortable when they are expanding their typing skills. Students can set the window size and what units to use for measuring their typing speed such as keystrokes per minute or words per minute.

Pros of Utilizing Typing Master:

  • Typing Master can teach students how to become more familiar with their computer keyboard.
  • Typing Master can help students achieve mastery of their typing skills and help them become faster and more accurate.
  • Typing Master allows students to conduct extensive typing tests so that they can improve their typing skills and see areas where they are not efficient.
  • The software application is free to download and use so that anyone can use it without any fees.
  • The software has games that students can play so that they can test their typing skills and their accuracy in varying levels of difficulty.
  • The user interface is easy to use, and the labels are clear and concise.

Cons of Utilizing Typing Master:

  • Typing Master is a downloadable software application and thus requires storage space on a computer.
  • Introductory lessons to new character groups can be brief and not go into detail as to how students can maintain efficiency when they are typing.
  • Students are not guaranteed that they will be proficient and efficient in their typing skills when they use this software.